Hi, I'm Hubert Mrugala.

Welcome to my blog.

I write about investing, monetary economics and global financial markets.

I believe strictly economic business cycle measures, like PMI, are overrated, and markets measures, like for instance swap spreads, underrated. That's why I analyze both, but give priority to the latter. The product of such analysis is my monthly Business Cycle Watch that I publish at the beginning of each month. The report covers two or three big themes that have been recently playing out in the markets/econ data. A short analysis backed with relevant statistics.

The mission of this blog is to dissect and understand the global monetary system, and for that reason I also publish articles that describe some pieces of the system, as well as my personal book notes.

Professionally, I am a junior-level investment advisor/analyst at a family office. On the side, I write analysis and investment commentaries on this very blog, to which you're very much welcome.

If you have any questions regarding my writings, please reach me out on twitter or via email.

Thanks for stopping by and have a good day,


Email: hubert@mrugala@mailbox.org
Twitter: @hubertmrugala
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